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PostSubject: SERVER RULES   SERVER RULES EmptySun Sep 13, 2009 2:19 am

Here's our server rules.

No using the Name OF [GM] in hamachi you dont have the rights to only GM!
if you do that u will be banned from the hamachi network forever

In-game rules.

1. No spamming in game lobby.(Mute)
2. No swapping.
3. No hacking.
4. No sexual harassment.
5. No illegal glitching.
6. No gangster-like behaviors.
6. No editting of files in game client(.mrs files).
7. Do not ask any staff members for promotion.
8. Do not stalk any of our staff members.
9. Do not argue with any staff members.
10. Do not ask for promotion.
11. Be respectful to all players and staff members.

Forum rules.

1. No pornographic images/links are to be posted.
2. No insulting jokes about religions.
3. No gangster-like behaviors.
4. No spamming of posts/replys.
5. No fake posts/replys.

Rules for all staff members.

1. No abusing of power.
2. GM(gamemaster) weapons/items are only allowed during events, quest mode .
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